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The lowest number in a single year came in 1994, when there were 48,255 births, a year which also saw our lowest birth rate (13.5 per 1,000 in the population).That jumped by 57% to 75,554 in 2009, the highest total in a single year since 1990.

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Mothers are getting older Every year, the CSO also gathers data on the women who give birth to all those babies, and the numbers show they’re getting older.

In 1980, the average age of a mother at the time of her child’s birth was 28 years, nine months and two weeks.

We crunched the numbers, and here’s what we learned: A few times a month is our lot There’s a wide variety, of course, but most Irish people (58%) have sex less than once a week, with 28% having sex less than once a month.

Some 42% of us have sex anywhere between once a week, and every day, although the latter group is very small, as shown in the graph above.

93% of Irish adults have tried it at least once, compared with 63 and 66% who said they’d tried giving and receiving oral sex.

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