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Kruger took Walter on a meandering two-hour journey to Dodgeville, Wisconsin, never stopping in Bloomington. Twice during the journey, Kruger put a crushed pill into one of the soda cans, lit the pill, and inhaled the smoke, telling Walter that it calmed him. Psychiatric problems emerged during his adolescence. As a result of those convictions, during the time period relevant to this case, Kruger could not legally possess a firearm or ammunition in interstate commerce. On June 6, 2013, Kruger arranged to purchase a .22 caliber rifle and a 1,600-round canister of .22 caliber ammunition at a Gander Mountain store in Deforest, Wisconsin.

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Eventually, Dale was able to open the safe and Kruger took a small amount of money from within. We conclude that the district court did not plainly err in finding that Kruger “otherwise used” a firearm for purposes of the kidnapping guideline.

Kruger also broke into a gun cabinet and took a rifle, semi-automatic handgun, and a shotgun. And because any error with respect to the calculation of Kruger's criminal history would not have affected his advisory sentencing range, we need not decide whether the district court committed plain error in assigning the particular criminal history points that Kruger challenges.

Walter had been planning to take a cow he had loaded onto the trailer to Bloomington, Wisconsin, for slaughter. Kruger contends that it was error for the court to find that he “otherwise used” a dangerous weapon in the course of kidnapping Walter Reidl, see U.

Hoping to protect Linda, he suggested that he leave the farm with Kruger in the truck and drop him in Bloomington; Linda would remain behind. He changed his clothes and took a cap and a pair of sunglasses from Walter, and Linda retrieved two cans of soda from the house for him.

(n.2), and assigned several points to his criminal history. He was born into a broken, dysfunctional family and placed in foster care at the age of 12.

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