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The production team didn’t have to look far for the perfect match: Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive model Rico Marlon was an idea choose to fuck Dani in the ass raw for the first time.

This week we bring you another great debut: Spanish muscled stud Dani Robles shot his first bareback scene with us together with our faithful power top Viktor Rom Visser.

Real life boyfriends Massimo Piano & Klein Kerr are pure fireworks to watch as they fuck on camera, and when you throw in a third stud for them to experiment with the result is suited-threesome heaven.

And even more so when that third guy is a cum-hungry bottom like Dani Robles.

New guy Mick Stallone is working in our offices for the first time and he gets a little flustered when asked to do the simplest of tasks – is it first day nerves?

or just the fact that his boss is veteran Menatplay star, sexy Dani Robles?

” In the car on the way to the house, the two muscle studs started off with some show and tell, clearly hot and bothered, but once we arrived, rough play was in order.

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