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Helobi also pointed out that in an effort to discredit the protesters the regime is accusing the US and Israel of being behind the unrest.

Iranian society is eating itself alive, Helobi says. There is also a major contrast between the publicly enforced theocracy on the streets and Iranians at home in Tehran. When you walk on the street it looks like many people are high.” He claimed that the prevalence of drug use, which has been a multi-decade problem in Iran, has dulled people from the social problems and provided them an outlet not to focus on economic issues.

“I asked the people what they thought,” he recalled.

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The regime is pushing people not to go out and protest.

“Tehran will face protests in coming days,” Helobi said.

During his travels, he met with dozens of people, including students and businessmen.

This is the most difficult situation in Iran that is going on now.”Majd Helobi, a Kurdish journalist, returned from Iran last month on the eve of the protests.

Helobi also found there to be a really high number of homeless people on the streets.

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