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When I started to date transsexual girls, I didn’t even know there could be a different type of transgender.

I just knew they were transgender male to female, and I was attracted to them.

And most of all, you will even prove yourself of being not the classic lusty one after mere fantasies.

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Sometimes hormones, makeup, feminine clothes could be not enough to give her enough self-confident or self-acceptance or satisfaction as lady look.

Then, some transgender girls will undergo cosmetic surgery to align the look with their female gender identity. For example, hormones can’t make huge boobs, or perfect legs and hips.

In short, these are the most common feminization process that a transsexual will go trough.

Being any of these three different conditions doesn’t make her more beauty or passable as a woman.

Breast implants and hip enhancement are the top lists of what a transsexual woman wish most.

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