Sang guk dating

I’m not sure there will be another year with this many top Korean star weddings in the same year and that’s fine with me, the Song-Song news was as close as break the Korean internet as it gets and I love it!

More excitement please and not of the scandal variety.

Sang guk dating

I can't wait for her next work be it a drama or a movie. and i thank the first female lead actress that she turn down the role. We hope and we pray that our Baby Ji Hyun will wait for our Oppa Ji Wook.

She also has great chemistry with her male lead thanks to building a good rapport off screen.

Again, you've proven especially to those who keep looking down on you just how much of an exceptional actress you are. you is my first actress that i watching you movies and drama since kids until adult .. good job and good luck, boksil-a :) I just finished watching, "Shopping/Shopaholic King Louie" and she was so wonderful as an actress. She has a peaceful quality about her as she portrayed this role. Wishing you will again get cast in many more leading roles in your next dramas!! I've seen you on What Happens To My Family and you are one of the best actors in it. Thank you so much for giving us such a great interpreted character! You're beautifull and kind, like I said, you're perfect to me!

I was certain that people behind this year's SBS Korean Drama Award would notice how great your acting is in Suspicious Partner. From your ajumma fan here in the Philippines True that. I look forward to seeing more dramas and movies with this actress! All my best to you, with love from Portugal You're so cute and talented!

Nearly 14 years worth of experience in imagining characters' perspective and incredible emoting led her to the point where she was so convincingly able to portray herself as a woman in love despite having a negligible dating history. omgg if im wacthing you acting so many improvement ! I always wondered what happened to that little girl...

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