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A TSA employee who masturbates while monitoring bathroom security cameras sees that Cartman, armed with a gun, has taken a TSA checkpoint inspector and a baby hostage in his bathroom, before disabling his camera.

Randy leads the public in speaking out against the TSA and the fact that it allowed a terrorist with a gun and a baby past a security checkpoint.

The real ghost of Harington then appears and angrily announces that it is nobody's fault, saying that everyone is using his invention the wrong way.

He announces that his toilet design requires people to sit facing the cistern, and not outward, much to the surprise of everyone in the courtroom (except Butters, who has always been using it like that).

When Randy states that doing so would require a person to have to remove their pants to use it this way, Harington responds that he indeed intended for users to remove their pants and, pointing to the hole on one of the walls of the prop toilet, indicates that this was why he designed toilets with a laundry hole, much to the surprise of Randy and the others.

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